British Airways’ Schedule During Second Strike

by Alister POOLE on March 26, 2010

British Airways has announced that they will expand their schedule for the looming 4-day strike this weekend. In a statement on Tuesday, the carrier said that they will operate 55% of their short-haul and 70% of their long-haul flights from Heathrow Airport, while all flights at Gatwick and London City airports will be operated as normal. This decision comes after more of the carrier’s cabin crew said that they want to work.

In addition to this, British Airways says that they will lease another 11 planes from 6 UK and European airlines, including the pilots and crew. They leased 25 aircraft for the strike last weekend during the 3-day strike, but most of their competitors have scheduled more flights this weekend in the run-up to Easter. Instead, the carrier will use more of their own planes.

British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh says that they will also lessen the disruption to affected passengers by offering to rebook them on other flights or offer a refund. Passengers will be able to choose if they want to travel on another flight with British Airways or on one of 60 other competitors.

The dispute between British Airways and its unions has been going on for about a year - not being able to agree on how to save money. However, the row got heated when the airline reduced the number of long-haul cabin crew on Heathrow Airport flights in November. Since then, the cabin crew have voted on two strikes - the first of which was canceled by a High Court injunction.

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