British Airways Schedules More Flights During Strike

by Ella FAIRCHILD on March 18, 2010

British Airways has now announced that they will be able to operate more flights during the 3-day strike than originally thought. On Monday the carrier had said they would only be able to serve about 60% of their passengers.

However, the British flag airline said on Wednesday that they will now be able to fly more passengers to and from more destinations after further staff has volunteered to stand in for members of the Unite union that are striking. When they had announced the flight schedule on Monday, they had 50 volunteer cabin crew, the carrier said, but now they have more than 60 and anticipate that more will volunteer too.

Because of these developments, British Airways will be able to reinstate some of the flights already canceled. This will allow them to provide more capacity on short-haul and long-haul flights. They noted that they will also be able to bring more supporters and competitors at the Vancouver Winter Paralympics home.

Willie Walsh, the chief executive of British Airways, said that he is thrilled that the staff is determined to keep the airline flying and delighted by how many people are disillusioned by Unite’s position. The crews only want to work like usual, do their job and look after passengers, he continued.

Walsh also said that they will be able to service more than 4,000 extra passengers every day of the strike, noting that their operations teams have a high morale. He added that they operated more on-time services from Heathrow on Tuesday due to efforts by staff.

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