British Couple Sexually Assaulted in Thailand

by Ella FAIRCHILD on December 1, 2009

One of the worst nightmares a traveler can have is being abducted in a foreign country and left to the whims of criminals and police that don’t really care.  This nightmare recently came true for a British couple on holiday in Thailand as they were drugged, kidnapped, and sexually assaulted while on the tropical island of Koh Chang.  The couple claim that they were drugged while at a bar, taken back to a hotel room, and forced to watch as each were sexually assaulted.  The case has been brought to the attention of authorities, who replied with the apathy for which Thai police have become known.

The couple, who wished to remain anonymous, says that they were having a friendly drink with an English woman and two Frenchmen when suddenly things got blurry.  The woman remembers being carried back to her bungalow, and the man vaguely remembers being forced to watch through a window as his wife was sexually assaulted by two men.  The couple woke up the next day and was barely able to move for two days while they waited for the effects of the drug to wear off.  At this point they contacted both Thai and British authorities, both of whom seemed disinterested and did very little in the way of an investigation.  The couple then went to the hospital where doctors confirmed that they had been drugged and raped.

Unfortunately, Thailand, the land of smiles, is starting to be known as the land of police corruption as this is hardly the first time police have been accused of turning a blind eye towards crimes against tourists.

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