British hotel shake off Fawlty image

by Alister POOLE on May 26, 2012

Britain’s hotels have finally managed to shake off their Fawlty Towers-like reputation for being dowdy and unwelcoming , new research has shown.

An analysis of over eight years’ worth of reviews of British hotels, conducted by travel website TripAdvisor, revealed an improvement in quality among Britain’s hotels and guesthouses. The website details that British hotels currently have a rating of 4.09 (from five possible points), which is an improvement from a record low of 3.48 that was recorded in 2004.

This latest development placed British hotels above the global average for the first time. Remarkably, the collective average rating is higher than that of the hotels in Spain, Germany, France, and the US.

The website said the biggest factor behind Britain’s rise above average was much improved service and better cleanliness, key areas where Torquay’s finest Basil Fawlty, a fictional character from BBC’s Fawlty Towers, failed on a regular basis.

British hotels currently boast average ratings of 4.23 for their service and 4.32 for their cleanliness, scores which are up from previous amounts of 3.29 and 3.42 in 2004 respectively. TripAdvisor’s Business president, Christine Petersen, said that owners of hotels and B&Bs must have been listening to feedback and have improved the standard of the service that they provide.

The website’s research suggested that hotels in Cumbria offer the best possible experience for visitors in the whole of Britain as its accommodation received an average rating of around 4.3 on average.

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