British Tourist Ignited by Greek Woman

by Alister POOLE on September 9, 2009

In an act that she is claiming was in self defense, a Greek woman recently set the genitals of an inebriated British tourist on fire.  Although the local community is treating the twenty six year old woman like a hero, she is still being charged with the crimes of causing bodily harm and endangering public property.  However, the woman plans to refute the charges by claiming the act was one of self defense and that she had every right to protect herself from this British man.

This story comes on the heels of a recent study which showed British tourists to have a high number of overseas arrests.  These two stories have some Brits feeling embarrassment over their fellow countrymen, who are giving them a bad name overseas.

The British government has not taken these accusations lying down, as it has recently partnered with officials in Greece to try and lower the number of Brits getting into trouble for alcohol related crimes.  This particular event occurred after a drunken British tourist shook his exposed genitals at a group of Greek women and ignored their frequent requests to stop.

This is when the local woman took action, allegedly pouring her drink over the man’s exposed area and eventually setting it afire in an effort to fend him off.  The woman was set free and the man remains in the hospital with second degree burns.

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