Britons heaviest drinkers in Europe when on holiday

by Tiffany Millar on March 4, 2011

Brits drink more on holiday than any other European nation, according to a new report. The survey by TripAdvisor found that 65 percent of people from the UK admit guzzling down more grog when away. This compares with just 41 percent of all other Europeans, with only 28 percent of Italians saying they drink more abroad than at home.

More than 6,000 Europeans were interviewed by the travel company. The results found that 29 percent of Britons drink at least five alcoholic drinks a day when on holiday, compared to 10 percent for other nationalities. The most common number of drinks a day for most people is one, but this goes up to three for those from the UK.

Despite the heavy drinking, however, Brits are the least likely nation to smoke while away. Out of the nations interviewed, including France Italy, Spain and Germany, the Italians were the most likely to have a crafty fag on trips.

Britons were also good at slapping on the protection, with only 4 percent saying they are not careful at all about using sun screen. In comparison, 12 percent of people from France are not concerned about getting burnt while on holiday.

The survey also indicated that the Spanish are the healthiest when it comes to their holiday habits, and the Italians are the least healthy.

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