Britons not able to switch off technology on holiday

by Alister POOLE on August 31, 2012

Many British holidaymakers fail to leave behind technology whilst on holiday, suggest figures from a new study.

A survey of exactly 2,000 Britons that was conducted by BT showed how a third of those surveyed regularly check emails and voicemails as they holiday. A quarter confirmed that they would check emails and voicemails but discreetly and also as quickly as possible, while urgent matters are the only thing that would push 28 per cent of those surveyed to head online or check their answer phone.

Meanwhile, 41 per cent of the 2,000 Britons surveyed log onto social networking sites on at least one or two occasions during their holiday. These figures rise to nearly two-thirds when focusing only on the answers of those in the 18 to 34 years of age bracket.

One in five of those surveyed check emails or voicemails merely out of habit while browsing social networking sites was given as a preferred way of relaxing by 10 per cent of the participants. Considerable amounts of people said that they feel that checking work emails or answer phone messages is a responsibility and over a quarter of those surveyed expressed fears of missing out on information relative to their working life while overseas.

The findings indicated that women are more capable of switching off from technology than men, as 28 per cent’s worth of women check emails while on holiday compared to just over 37 per cent’s worth of men.

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