Britons offered chartered flight from Egypt by FCO

by Tiffany Millar on February 3, 2011

More than 200 passengers are hoping to get on a Foreign Office-chartered flight that arrived from London on Wednesday.

The plane, which left Gatwick and landed in Cairo, is being offered to all British travellers that do not have a scheduled flight out of the embattled city. The FCO announced that seats are running at £300 per person and the flight will leave Thursday.

It is not been decided what time the flight will depart as the government said it does not want to encroach on existing commercial flights. The FCO and numerous commercial carriers have been scrambling to assist British nationals stuck in the Cairo airport since protests against President Hosni Mubarak first broke out in the capital.

Prime Minister David Cameron urged Egypt to bring democracy and put an end to the violence quickly. The US, Germany and Australia have also taken measures to evacuate their citizens and all three countries have advised against travel to the beleaguered country.

Downing Street has said that the chartered flight is not meant to replace existing commercial flights and that those with seats on a flight already are encouraged not to cancel them. Furthermore, it defended the cost of the tickets, saying that by offering the charter service for free it could jeopardise commercial flights from flying in and out.

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Hc McCallum February 4, 2011 at 7:48 pm

£300 cost for a one way flight is, in my opnion an excessive price for a flight to London , unfortunately taking advantage of those who find themselves in difficult circumstances in Cairo

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