Britons warned to stay on guard in Algarve

by Alister POOLE on June 2, 2011

British tourists to Portugal were warned this week to remain on their guard after a man was savagely beaten to death by a street gang in the Algarve.

Mr Ian Haggath, aged 50 and from Dunston, close to Gateshead,  was set upon in the resort of Albufeira and then left lying in a pool of his own blood while unconscious. The attack occurred a fortnight ago and Mr Hagaath died in hospital yesterday.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office was forced to revise its travel guidance for the Algarve after that attack and has warned Britons there to be alert at all times when walking the streets and away from their hotels. Consulate officials were put in contact with local police in an attempt to establish just how serious the threat of being beaten up by the gang, which has allegedly carried out two other attacks, really is.

A spokeswoman representing the FCO said yesterday that Mr Haggath’s death is a grave matter of concern, especially considering the way that he died. We’re concerned about just how high the risk of being violently attacked is and take the matter incredibly seriously, it was then added.

Mr Haggarth sustained fatal head injuries during an attack from at least four people widely feared to be members of the same mob that killed another Briton, 22-year-old Mr Darren Lackie, in March and then knifed an Irish tourist, Mr David Hoban, aged 44, who thankfully survived.

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Andy June 15, 2011 at 10:29 am

do not walk anywere alone i was mugged on the way home on saturday in the same place were these other people were killed i was very lucky the special forces were watching them rob me and came to the rescue, stay together!!

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