Brits can visit most places without visas

by Emily DUNBAR on October 13, 2010

Britons have come out on top in Henley & Partners bi-annual Visa Restrictions Index.

The bi-annual list of citizens that can travel to countries for free for up to three days on either business or leisure shows that Brits enjoy the most destinations for visa-free travel. With 166 countries opening their doors to British citizens sans visa, the country has moved to number one this year outranking former global leader Denmark.

Citizens of Denmark can travel to 164 countries without visas, closely followed by Finland, Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, and Sweden. The index is a reflection of individual nations’ relationships with one another as well as a country’s overall standing in the international community.

This year, the US dropped to seven on the list, with Americans enjoying 159 destinations they can travel to free of a visa application. Originally, back in 2006, when the firm first published its visa index, the US ranked at number one followed by Finland. However, it has since fallen from top standings beginning in 2008, when it dropped to number three.

Of the BRIC countries, Brazil’s citizens are afforded the most travel freedoms, with Brazilians being able to travel to 130 countries with no visa requirement. China and North Korea fell towards the bottom, with Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan coming in last.

On the Henley & Partners website is states that visas, however, do not necessarily grant someone access into a country. Merely, a visa just indicates that the passport holder has had their application reviewed by a consular authority for the country they are trying to enter.

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