Brits keen to book packages with Expedia to save money

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on June 21, 2010

Despite British holidaymakers, on average, booking three months in advance at least, a new study reveals a continuing trend towards packages.

According to the Expedia Travel Bookings Report, which pulls data from 19 global Expedia travel sites, 16 per cent of individuals make reservations on a Monday, with the greatest influx of bookings occurring between 7pm-9pm. Sunday is the quietest day for bookings, and only one of every ten travellers book during the weekend.

The compiling further revealed that British travellers aim for the most luxurious option at the best value. Holidaymakers saved a total of £40 million by booking flights and hotels simultaneously through in the past year, the company said. According to the online travel agent, 40 per cent of all hotel reservations were for four-star properties.

However, not to be outdone, Germany and Denmark are equally keen to save on costs, while getting the best value. The report indicates that Germany and Denmark see the highest savings, averaging 20 per cent less in costs than Brits for flights and hotels.

Over half of the top 20 places to book are located in Europe and include Rome, Barcelona, Paris, and Dublin. As the euro exchange rate improves, travel agents are predicting this trend will continue to rise. Easter is quickly becoming one of the busiest times to travel, just behind the peak time in late August. UK destinations account for a quarter of the top 20 bookings, including Edinburg, London, and Manchester. The remaining quarter is comprised of such long-haul destinations as New York, Singapore, and Las Vegas.

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