Brits to throw most remote Jubilee party

by William ASTON on May 31, 2012

A bunch of explorers, six of which are Britons, have been preparing to mark the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II at what is one of the Commonwealth’s most far-flung outposts – Barbeau Peak’s summit in Canada.

The ‘Arctic Jubilee Expedition’ departed earlier this month and is currently making its way towards the very top of the mountain, which spans some 2616 metres and is found on Ellesmere Island in  Canada’s northern reaches while being within the Arctic Circle. Antony Jinman is leading the expedition and is an experienced polar explorer.

Joining him are students from Plymouth, in addition to a Nunavut Inuit named Johnny Issaluk.  Should their expedition go according to plan, the gang will celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee on the mountain’s summit. Oli Milroy, who is also taking part, commented that the group will enjoy a traditional tea party in true English style.

The Queen has requested that the expedition gives her an official “Loyal Greeting” once the top of the mountain is reached this Sunday, and has already promised a reply. Barbeau Peak has been conquered just eight times and is found in the British Empire Range of the island. In 1952, the area was renamed in order to mark Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

According to an entry made recently on the expedition blog, fine conditions have been predicted for this week’s attempt to reach the mountain summit.

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