Buenos Aires experiences horrific train and bus smash

by William ASTON on September 13, 2011

At least nine people died in Argentina today after a train smashed into a bus that was crossing the tracks then hit another train coming into a nearby station.

Over 160 people have injuries, some of them serious, as confirmed by a police spokesman. The collision happened during peak-morning rush hours as hundreds of commuters waited at the train station in Flores, a suburb of Buenos Aires. Immediately, officials started investigating reports that the bus driver among the dead didn’t heed a stop signal.

Omar Bravo, a Buenos Aires fire chief, said that the collision is one of the saddest accidents in Argentina’s recent history. According to a British correspondent located in the Argentine capital, rail lines often go through Buenos Aires’ residential areas and ignore warning signs of oncoming trains.

The accident occurred at around 06:00 local time on the Sarmiento line that connects Buenos Aires city centre with western suburbs. Juan Pablo Schiavi, Argentina’s Transport Secretary, pointed out that most fatalities brought about by the incident were of passengers that were aboard the bus. It was added that children were among those injured because parents were using public transport for the school run.

A train company spokesman, Mr Gustavo Gago, said that his firm believe the bus crossed on the tracks when the barriers were down, however this can’t be confirmed until the results of the ongoing investigation are released.

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