Bulgaria cheapest continental destination

by Tiffany Millar on April 23, 2012

The cost of spending time in Bulgaria on holiday provides the best-value when all of Europe’s destinations are examined, according to a recent Post Office study.

Ten typical holiday essentials and costs, which includes a three-course meal in a restaurant, will set tourists back £42.79 in Bulgaria – which is around twice as cheap as the same luxury would cost Brighton – alleges the Post Office Travel Money’s most recent cost index. Britons will enjoy the second-best bargains in Turkey, which is where costs around Marmaris have dropped by over 20 per cent since June 2011.

At the other end of the spectrum, prices on Spain’s Costa del Sol have increased by 35 per cent when measured against 2011. Now, the same ten luxuries cost in excess of £50 on the Costa del Sol while costs in Portugal have also risen by just 10 per cent only. In the majority of the 15 destinations that were surveyed, prices have gone down.

Of the countries examined that were out of the eurozone, Croatia was deemed to be the most expensive. There, the ten items cost £73.65. The survey found that Britons are to have nearly 15 per cent more holiday money to burn on their European jaunts over the next few months thanks to the soaring sterling.

The strength of Britain’s pound will compare more favourably against Europe’s euro than it did during  last summer, while the UK currency will also be stronger against the currencies of non-euro countries, including Hungary’s forint, Turkey’s lira, and Polan’s zloty. This means that Europe will be the most affordable holiday continent for interested British tourists.

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