Business traveller found dead from fall in Bangkok

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on August 27, 2010

A 30-year old Briton travelling on business in Thailand fell to his death from a hotel balcony.

Jim Smith, 30, from Middlesbrough was believed to have been participating in ‘urban exploring’ when he tumbled from his fifth-floor hotel suit while in Bangkok on business. Mr Smith, who many have said was an avid ‘urban adventurer’, was known for climbing famous buildings and landmarks as part of a new trend that is gaining momentum in the UK.

Found on Monday in the gardens below his hotel room balcony, the circumstances surrounding Mr Smith’s death are still unknown. However, many who were close to him believe that he could have been attempting to scale the building as part of his hobby. Urban exploration involves finding unusual or well-known buildings to climb or photograph. Sometimes buildings can be challenging to climb or even derelict, but despite the risk it has been gaining popularity worldwide for the past decade.

Mr Smith was staying at the hotel alone while he was here on business and friends think he may have slipped while trying to climb. The popular urban explorer website ’28 Days Later’ has received an influx of posts regarding the adventurer’s death and most seem to say that his death was simply a tragic accident.

Several travellers have posted stories on the site detailing times that they had joined Mr Smith on his sojourns. One friend spoke about a recent climb of the popular urban explorer site – Angel in the North in Gateshead – that him and Mr Smith had tackled together recently. 

Smith’s family and employer have flown out the Thailand upon learning of his death.

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