Butlins redcoats go green

by Ella FAIRCHILD on May 28, 2012

The trademark Butlins redcoats are no longer to be the defining colour of the resorts as the company will introduce “Greencoat” guides this summer for the first time ever.

Dozens of “Redcoat” guides already in employment are currently testing the new colours behind the scenes and have been given new roles at beachside resorts that Butlins operate in destinations such as Skegness, Bognor Regis, and Minehead. They will work alongside Wildlife Trusts while devising ways that guests of resorts can explore the seaside or discover natural attractions along the shoreline which range from local birdlife to rock pools.

Butlins has cited a recent report – which went some way towards suggesting that the UK’s children are no longer as fond of the great outdoors as they used to be – as being the main reason behind the company’s move. Published earlier this year by the National Trust, the Natural Childhood reported long term dramatic declines in British children’s relationship with nature and the outdoors.

Representing Butlins, Jae Hopkins commented that the company has trained a skilful bunch of Greencoats on the ways that families can re-connect with their surroundings. According to Hopkins, the trained beach guides are to do an incredibly important job and will sport a new version of the uniform the Redcoats usually don, in addition to green Converse trainers.

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