Camera captures Ryanair flier ejection; Spanish passenger given boot over hand luggage dispute

by William ASTON on November 2, 2012

A Spanish passenger was removed from her flight by police, a matter of seconds before take-off, over carrying a book and  scroll that couldn’t fit into the hand luggage she had with her - it has been reported.

A video that was posted on facebook clearly shows a woman being subjected to a police escort off the Ryanair aircraft she had boarded at Valencia airport. This incident has prompted Spanish Twitter users to urge an all-out boycott of the low-cost carrier.

As reported by Spanish newspapers, cabin crew instructed local police to escort the passenger from the aircraft just moments before take-off as she had violated hand luggage rules by taking two items onboard in her hands as they wouldn’t fit into her case. The footage involves the woman begging a police officer to allow her to fly.

A number of other passengers can be heard making suggestions such as putting her items in their cases, before shouting words such as “shameful, shameful” while the woman is being escorted off the aircraft. Representing the Irish carrier, a spokesman for Ryanair made the claim that the woman became disruptive and “pushed past” members of staff at the boarding gate without presenting any identification.

As part of its regulations, Ryanair allows all passengers to carry just one piece of personal hand luggage as long as its dimensions don’t exceed 55cm by 40cm and the bag weighs no more than 10kg.

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Francis Borg November 4, 2012 at 9:52 am

If you want compassion, you do not fly Ryanair. Technically they are within their rights as they clearly says one bag only but like all situations, nothing is black and white. Simple answer, do not fly Ryan Air . I just stick to EJet now for low cost flights or else drive.

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