Cameron says Airbus investment shows confidence

by Tiffany Millar on October 14, 2011

UK Prime Minister David Cameron today paid tribute to the workers of Airbus, as he officially opened the new wings factory located in Flintshire.

Cameron said that the official opening of the North Factory underlines Airbus’s confidence that it has in the company’s British workforce. Cheryl Gillan, the Welsh Secretary, said that the factory demonstrates the Welsh can-do attitude. The factory will mainly produce carbon-fibre wings meant for the Airbus A350 airliner. Around 650 of the total 6,000 workforce is going to be based at this factory. Airbus has said of the new plant that it is Britain’s largest manufacturing site.

Airbus currently has over 550 orders for its A350, which is scheduled to be in service by 2013. Cameron, who flew from Scotland on Thursday, said that the government remains committed to shaping a more balanced economy that has stronger manufacturing and private investment while creating better jobs and opportunities around the UK.

The company says that it will help secure the future of all 6,000 people that work at the site. Mrs Gillan told of her confidence in the investment further cementing Wales’s strong and growing reputation as one of the world’s first-class innovators and leaders. Paul McKinlay, the head of the plant, commented that for his employees, the new factory signals security of gainful employment for the upcoming years at Broughton, with 6,000 employees there already.

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