Canada and America border crossed by Canadian using iPad as ID

by Ella FAIRCHILD on January 5, 2012

A Canadian man who had forgotten his passport has revealed that he successfully managed to get across the border and over into the US by using a copy of it that he had scanned to his iPad.

Mr Martin Reisch, of Montreal, presented authorites at the US border office with the digital device after coming to the realisation that he didn’t have his passport. The Canadian told the official that dealt with him that he was on his way to Vermont in an attempt to deliver Christmas presents.

In the wake of the story being published, US Customs said that he crossed using his driving licence and a birth certificate. Jenny Burke, a US Customs spokeswoman, explained that the assertion that Reisch was allowed into the US simply by using the scanned image of his travel documents on his iPad is one that is categorically false.

Burke added that, in this case, Reisch had his driver’s licence and his birth certificate, allowing the CBP officer to determine both identity and citizenship before admitting him into Canada’s neighbouring country. Reisch, has denied having even carried his birth certificate, insisting that an exception was made for him by the officer.

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