Car Rental Customer Service Goes Online for Sixt

by Ella FAIRCHILD on September 4, 2009

In an effort to offer customers much quicker customer service on their hired cars, Sixt rent a car has announced its launch of a new website which will allow customers to ask questions and make complaints online.  Sixt is looking for a more hands on personal approach, which will utilize current trends like social networking to handle customer complaints.  With the car rental industry struggling badly due to a lack of worldwide travelers, many within the industry are looking for more creative ways to generate business.

Customers have already been enjoying Sixt’s approach, which will use monitors to watch over sites like Twitter and other social networking sites to look for customer feedback and give instant response. 

Sixt believes customers are more comfortable making certain complaints online, so this approach will allow them to do so in a safe environment.  This customer honesty will in turn allow Sixt to recognize problems immediately and take the appropriate action.

Customers in London can contact Sixt via social networking sites, which allow customers an immediacy that they cannot get by phone or mail.  Sixt is located in over 90 countries and has 150 locations in the United Kingdom alone.  They are hoping their innovative approach to customer service will allow them to remain ahead of the competition in these trying economic times.

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