Car Shortages will continue in 2010

by Ella FAIRCHILD on October 14, 2009

Leaders in the car hire industry are warning that shortages which plagued Europe during the busy summer months will continue during the peak travel months of fall and winter as well.  This is why consumers should expect to hire their car well ahead of time or face reduced options for car hire, or no car at all.  A spokesman for says that the economic downturn which forced many car hire agencies to reduce their fleets has continued and that customers should book their car well in advance of their holiday to ensure that the shortage does not leave them out in the cold when it comes to car rental.

The numbers of cars available for hire was at an all time low this year as companies were forced to reduce their fleets to save money.  In an effort to cut costs, many car hire firms decided to remove vehicles from their fleet, or not to renew contracts which would lead to the purchase of additional vehicles.  Banks were also involved as the credit crunch forced them to offer fewer loans to car hire agencies than in the past, which also added to the shortage of vehicles.

The spokesman said the best way for customers to avoid the shortage, or to risk paying much higher fees would be to book their car at the same time that they are booking their flights and hotels.  Many in the industry are claiming that the same problems which led to the shortages of 2009 will continue well into 2010.  Many companies are reporting high numbers of customers who are booking their cars for holidays they plan to take next year.

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