Caravan Sales go up due to Poor Economy

by Ella FAIRCHILD on August 28, 2009

The once popular caravan holiday is making a big comeback in the United Kingdom, as the global recession and credit crunch have holidaymakers looking for ways to save money.   Haven Holidays has reported a nearly 40 percent spike in revenue from this time last year, owing most of the increased revenue for Britons who are choosing “staycations” over more expensive travel abroad.

The park has seen sales of its “static” caravans rise dramatically over the last year, with the company, part of the Bourse Leisure Group selling over two thousand new caravans since the summer season officially opened in Mid-march in its 34 locations.

“A lot more people are holidaying in Britain now and that’s making a huge difference. More and more people are coming to the parks and typically it is those who have had a holiday with us and enjoyed it that buy the caravans,” said Naomi Woodstock, senior product manager for Haven Holidays.

Buyers can use the caravans themselves, or rent them out to sub-letters, making the caravan a financial investment for some.  New surveys have shown that holidaymakers booking foreign travel have dropped by over a million from this time last year.  This suggests that the spike in sales is in direct correlation with the poor economy.

Thanks to Times Online for the above quote.  For the complete article, please visit their website.

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