Cardiff listed as top holiday destination

by Ella FAIRCHILD on June 24, 2011

Although those living there might not be too surprised, Cardiff has been floating high in new surveys for 2011’s top travel destinations.

Travellers who’ve visited the Caribbean before might take more convincing of Wale’s capital’s credentials, however the globally-renowned National Geographic magazine has ranked the city as being one of the planet’s must-see destinations this summer.

The city that is better known for hosting rugby events, coal, and opera singer Charlotte Church has been ranked as the world’s sixth best alternative hotspot. The publication listed it by the side of destinations across Portugal, Honduras and also Croatia. which are all considered for summer holidays.

The July traveller guide of National Geographic says that Cardiff is historically a city of castles but is starting to emerge as one of Europe’s most modern sports-entertainment destinations. In addition to sporting events though, as the publication has pointed out, tourists enjoy taking strolls around Mermaid Quay before kayaking and similar things at Cardiff’s International White Water.

Cardiff was sixth on National Geographic’s list ahead of more predictable destinations like Portugal’s Azores and Honduras’ Roatan, the latter of which is often described as being the Caribbean region’s best-kept secret. When asked to pass comment, travel writer Simon Calder told how such recognition might help stave off any old images that people have of Cardiff’s industrial past.

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