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by Emily DUNBAR on December 18, 2009

The car hire industry has been mired in a downturn due to the global economy, which has kept many people from leaving their homes for holidays.  As the economy begins to come back and the confidence of consumers slowly returns, there is going to be more travel which means car hire agencies are starting to get back some of the business that they lost during the recession.  There were still many people searching the internet for cheap deals, so that when they finally decide to travel they can get a good deal on their car hire.  About one and a half million searches were done in September and one site got most of them. received about fifty four percent of all of the natural searches done in September which makes it the ruler of natural search rankings.  The numbers, which were generated by independent marketing agency Greenlight, found that the site also topped the charts for worldwide as well as domestic search terms with fifty two percent and sixty three percent respectively.  The rankings show that has discovered the best way to use search engines to make them a leader in the industry.

Gareth Robinson, who is the managing director of, was happy with the Greenlight report.  Greenlight’s report highlights the strength of our position online.  Despite the recession, 2009 has been a great year for us, with our sales outstripping targets across the board.”  He was cautious about the upcoming year saying that there was still plenty of room for growth.

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