Cash strapped adults holidaying with parents

by Ella FAIRCHILD on August 9, 2012

Parents are still taking their children abroad on holiday even in the depths of their adulthood due, a survey has shown.

In tough economic times, 39 per cent’s worth of adults will rely on a holiday paid for by their parents as a way of travelling overseas. While the average age for an adult joining their parents on a foreign jaunt is 30, 19 per cent of the adults surveyed were well into their 40s.

Two thirds of the parents that were questioned stressed that they aren’t letting their children pay a single penny towards the break, which can be linked to a third of parents stating that their main motivation is to enjoy a family holiday regardless of how much it ends up costing. Also, a third of parents that have adult children will take more than just the one child on holiday with them.

In spite of not contributing any money towards financing the trip, adults that will benefit from a free holiday away often still have a say on what will happen during the break. The survey, which was carried out by LV=travel insurance, discovered that 99 per cent of adults gave their opinion on accommodation while 88 per cent helped select a destination.

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