Charles de Gaulle not in danger of fuel shortage

by William ASTON on October 19, 2010

According to France’s transport minister, Charles de Gaulle airport is not in danger of fuel shortages despite ongoing strikes at all 12 of France’s refineries.

Nationwide demonstrations over the proposed pension reforms have sent millions of French workers to the streets in protest. However, the transport minister has said that there was plenty of petrol left for aircraft.

As motorists face shortages at petrol pumps across the country, growing fear mounted that planes would run out of fuel as well. Strikes have already caused aviation authorities to require aircraft to arrive with enough fuel for their return trips.

A dozen French refineries are plagued with striking and blockades have been set up to prevent distribution of much-needed petrol. All demonstrations are in opposition of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s planned raise of the legal retirement age to 62.

So far strikes have affected railway services, buses, airports, hospitals, schools and government offices for weeks. However, a recent decision by unions to target petrol outlets has posed the biggest threat to the government. The move is already hurting tourism and air travel within the nation.

With a fresh round of nationwide demonstrations scheduled for today, the Senate will vote on the legislation on Wednesday. The government has maintained it will not back down, calling the reforms necessary to save the French economy.

Today’s demonstrations mark the sixth set of nationwide strikes in a month and come on the heels of mass rallies on Saturday.

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Roger Verallo October 19, 2010 at 4:59 pm

we have been stranded in France for 3 days and there seems to be no ending to the fuel shortage. There must be a lot of Britih motorists stranded here and all the news in the UK seems to be about AN OVERPAID FOOTBALLER!!

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