Company claims that its ostrich pillow will counter jet leg and is capable of enabling power naps

by Alister POOLE on September 26, 2012

A company claims that it has found an ideal product that will help travellers combat the ill effects that jet lag from long-haul flights brings. The inventors of the ostrich pillow, a new portable device, say that their product will enable users to enjoy power naps at any given time.

Stuffed with synthetic material – which will produce “maximum performance and lightness”, as alleged by its inventors – the pillow comes with a hole that a user will put to their head as well as a mouth hole that has been designed to allow wearers to breath easier than before. The product also comes with two side holes where hands can be stored.

The concept has been developed by Kawamura-Ganjavian, a Madrid-based architecture and design studio that also has an office in Lausanne. Its other products include the ear shell and a solar-powered plug for charging the batteries of portable computers.

By some techonolgy websites, the Ostrich Pillow has been branded as a “a giant garden squash gone soft”. Another reviewer wrote: “We can only wonder how the pillow holds up on sweat and heat retention”.

The creators of the product argue that it has been tested in airports and on trains and aeroplanes. The Ostrich Pillow is to go into production once its fundraising targets are reached and the company is presently attempting to collect $70,000 on Kickstarter - the funding website for business ideas.

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