Company Fined for Man Killed at Heathrow

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on January 28, 2010

Airports in the United Kingdom have found themselves in the news a lot lately and none of it has been positive.  There have been several attempted terrorist attacks over the last few months which have once again stymied airport traffic and forced airports and airlines to increase their security.  Heathrow airport has taken an especially hard beating in the media over the last few weeks, as three men had to be arrested after threatening cabin crew with a bomb.  Although this incident turned out to be a poorly planned hoax it still caused Heathrow to get some negative press.  Recently another announcement was made that will once again drag Heathrow’s name through the mud.

An engineer was crushed to death by a vehicle operating at Heathrow Airport which led to a company being charged ninety thousand pounds for their part in the accident.  Fifty two year old Mohammed Taj died when a tug, which is used to pull supplies and baggage, fell onto his head while he was inspecting the machine in 2008.  Aviance UK, a company out of Newcastle, admitted that they had broken health and safety rules which may have prevented this accident from occurring.  Even though the company was found to not have directly disobeyed the law they did admit that their negligence had led to the man’s death.

This incident just adds to the woes of the airport industry in the United Kingdom, which is rapidly losing money and prestige will all of the negative attention that they have been receiving as of late.

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