Conception Rewards Offered by Caribbean Hotel

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on September 17, 2009

When holidaymakers are looking for ways to save money, they generally think of staying in budget hotels and finding a great deal on a flight.  One hotel on the island of Aruba in the Caribbean is offering a new type of discount for the budget traveler, especially those involved in a romantic getaway.  Even though many couples may think of the Caribbean as a sexy, romantic location, most are not thinking about conceiving a child while on holiday.  This is what the hotel aims to change.

The Westin Hotel, which is located on Palm Beach on the northern coastline of the island, is offering couples a discount if they conceive a child during their stay in the hotel.  The hotel, which is an expensive, luxury style hotel, is offering a one hundred and eighty pound discount on future stays if the couple is able to make a baby during their stay.   The resort is hoping that the offer will attract would be mothers and fathers to the island, which has long time been a favorite of British holidaymakers.

The offer is extended until the middle of December and customers are required to have a doctor’s certification that the baby was actually conceived during their stay in the hotel.   The offer is open to any guest who stays in the hotel.
Although this idea may seem controversial, hotels, especially high end hotels, have taken a huge hit by the global recession and are looking for more innovative ways to attract customers, which led to the strange offer.

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