Continental Airlines indicted in 2000 Concorde jet crash

by Alister POOLE on December 7, 2010

Ten years after the devastating crash of a Concorde jet into a French hotel, a French court has found Continental guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the incident.

Meanwhile, three French officials received acquittals for their involvement in the accident. The crash, which happened just outside Paris in 2000, killed all 109 passengers on board.

The New York-bound Air France flight was ablaze shortly after it took off from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport. Not long after takeoff, the aircraft crashed into a hotel in suburb outside of Paris.

Continental Airlines, which was fined nearly 200,000 euros for the incident, has called the court’s decision absurd. It said that French Authorities were trying to move blame off of the French aviation industry and Air France. The carrier said that it would be appealing the ruling on behalf of itself and John Taylor, a mechanic charged with manslaughter in the accident as well.

Charges were brought against Concorde engineer Jacques Herube, but were eventually dropped. All three French officials implicated in the case were acquitted in the court’s ruling.

The crash happened July 2000 after the Concorde jet caught fire not long after leaving the Paris airport. No one on board the flight survived the crash, which was mostly comprised of German holidaymakers heading for a tour of New York City.

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