Costa Concordia wreck popular with day trippers

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on August 16, 2012

The site of the tragic Costa Concordia incident – which claimed 32 lives earlier this year – has apparently become a tourist haven.

The cruise ship, which is partially submerged near the coast of Giglio, a Tuscan island, is reportedly attracting tourists every day of the week. Visitors to Santo Stefano, an island that is situated roughly 10 miles east of the wreckage, have been purchasing ferry tickets for excursions to Giglio in droves, with numerous touts advertising trips that offer the chance to get up close and personal to the stricken ship.

The island’s mayor, Sergio Ortelli, commented that his tourism board has seen a steady increase in the amount of tourists that head to Giglio, with many curious parties snapping photos of the ship that is now sprawled on the rocks. Ortelli added that while tourism to the island is usually welcomed, residents would prefer visitors that head to the area to enjoy its sea or environment instead.

According to reports, Concordia will mostly likely remain in its location off the island’s coast for quite some time. It is believed that plans for re-floating and then removing the ship might not be finished until next year at the earliest. Once the ship has been removed, it will then need to be towed, dismantled and scrapped.

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