Costa Cruises luxury vessel banged pier killing three

by admin on March 5, 2010

At least three lives were not spared when a huge luxury cruise liner crashed into the pier while it was manoeuvring itself at an Egyptian Red Sea resort. The cruise liner was carrying about 1,500 passengers when the incident happened. Passengers were then given hotel accommodation and assistance in arranging their return to their home countries.

Eye witnesses of the incident assumed that the hard-hitting winds caused the massive boat to rock, causing it to bang the pier. The vessel suffered a huge two-meter wide hole in one of its sides.

The cruise ship had been on an 18-day cruise from Dubai to Savona. Police and rescuers identified the three deceased as Brazilian, Indian and Honduran nationals, though the cruise line company did not give further confirmation. The deceased are believed to be crew members of the cruise ship.

It was moreover reported that four people were hurt from the accident, three Britons and an Italian. It was not however sure whether one of those injured was a liner crew.

The vessel weighs approximately 55,000 tons and was built in 1986. It was refurbished in 2008 and resumed its cruise service with Costa Cruises in 2002. The sea vessel is one out of the 16 ships owned and operated by Costa Cruises.

Experts in the marine industry meanwhile believed that it was unlikely that strong winds could have caused the mishap. Others however said that gales could move massive vessels when they are in water. An official investigation is now underway to determine the real cause of the accident.

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