US state proposes hotel porn ban

by Alister POOLE on September 10, 2010

Tomorrow, Minnesota county legislatures will consider passing a new law that would require all county employees to select hotels that do not have porn on their pay-per-view cable systems.

Winona County commissioners, in a growing concern regarding sexual and domestic violence, have said that they will consider enforcing a ‘clean hotel’ policy. However, it is not explicitly clear how county employees will ensure that hotels being booked do not offer violent porn. The county’s move comes in the wake of a March bill that was voted down by a state House committee, which would have required Minnesota state employees to avoid hotels offering violent porn movies on on-demand cable shows.

Should the bill pass, then Winona County employees that opt to stay in hotels offering pornography during a state-sponsored trip will not be reimbursed by the county for their accommodation expenses. However, the bill would allow for a few exemptions including county workers that stay in hotels that have been deemed official conference sites or if staying at a porn-free hotel will cost upwards of 15 per cent more than any other hotel in the area.

Anti-porn bill supporters have said that the bill could help diminish sexual and domestic violence. The state of Minnesota has thus far spentĀ  $221 million during 2006 to cover the costs of sexually-related violence issues. Many proponents say the bill could result in fewer instances of sex-related crimes and money spent on dealing with sexual and domestic violence disturbances.

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