Couple Arrested for Stealing Bags from Airports

by Alister POOLE on November 9, 2009

You’ve got all of your bags packed and are headed to the airport.  The tickets are in hand, boarding passes are ready and you have been checked three times by security.  After being herded onto your flight you finally sit down to relax until you reach your final destination.  The flight was a success; you slept the entire way and have emerged refreshed and ready to strike out on the holiday of a lifetime.  The only thing that is left is to collect your luggage from the baggage claim, so you make your way to the conveyor belt and take your place among your fellow travelers.  After waiting for an hour and watching bag after bag go by you realize that your luggage didn’t make the journey.

This is a common occurrence for travelers, as thousands of bags are lost or misplaced every year.  Most travelers are quick to blame the airlines, who have long garnered the reputation of being irresponsible with passenger’s bags.  However, it may not be the airline that is to blame, after it was recently discovered that one couple had stolen literally thousands of bags from airport conveyor belts.  Police recently arrested a couple in Phoenix after discovering thousands of stolen bags littering their home.  These bags are suspected to have been swiped from airport claim carousels in the Phoenix area.

Keith Wilson King and Stacy Lynn Legg King were arrested after police had conducted surveillance on Keith Wilson King.  King was caught stealing a bag from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport and arrested several weeks ago.  Since then police had been watching him, which led to the arrest at his suburban home where police found thousands of stolen bags.

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