Couple caught in attempted hand luggage baby smuggle

by Ella FAIRCHILD on July 10, 2012

An Egyptian couple has been caught attempting to smuggle a five-month-old baby into the UAE in their hand luggage.

Security teams employed by Sharjah Airport discovered the infant during routine screenings once the bag made its way through one of the X-ray machines, as reported by a local newspaper. Officials were apparently astonished to see an outline of a child’s body on the monitors and then alerted police. The couple was arrested and then charged with endangering an infant’s life.

According to an airport spokesman, a case is now to be raised against the couple, who both have valid visas to enter the UAE but have put their child’s life at risk with their unforgivable behaviour. Whilst being interrogated, the mother and father admitted that they had only tried to sneak their baby through as the infant was without a valid passport or visa fit for gaining entry to the UAE.

Some reports have suggested that the couple had previously lived in the UAE illegally but decided to return to their homeland so that the child could be born in Egypt.

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