Crash at Birmingham airport leaves two injured

by Emily DUNBAR on November 22, 2010

Investigations have continued after a private aircraft carrying a liver for transplant crashed during foggy weather conditions at Birmingham Airport.

Two men were injured in the crash with one in critical condition. Reportedly the plane was arriving from Belfast and air investigators all involved would be questioned over the incident. Despite Friday afternoon’s crash, the transplant operation was able to continue successfully.

The airport, however, had to be closed until Saturday and some 80 flights were delayed due to the crash. The Cessna aircraft crashed onto the tarmac around 1530 GMT during Friday. According to investigations by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), enquires were complete by Saturday on the airfield and flights were allowed to continue normally after safety checks had been carried out on the runway.

A spokesman for the AAIB said Sunday that a report is pending once all processes had taken their “due course”. He added that investigations remained ongoing and that inspectors would look at all aspects involving the accident to better understand the circumstances leading up to the crash.

The aircraft’s 58-year old pilot was trapped by the wreckage immediately following the crash and suffered multiple injuries; he remains in critical condition. A second man, in his 30s, is also being treated at hospital, reportedly for flash burns across his body and injuries to his back.

A spokesperson for the air ambulance said that the pilot had risked his own life to enter the blazing Cessna in order to turn off its fuel supply. This allowed medical staff to reach him immediately following the crash.

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