Cyclone Phet forces Emirates flight back to Dubai

by William ASTON on June 7, 2010

As Cyclone Phet continues to trigger torrential rains in Pakistan, authorities have warned that more flooding lies ahead in the wake of seven people being electrocuted amidst floodwaters.

Officials in Karachi continue to warn residents of coming floods as heavy rains threaten the city and its surrounding areas. An Emirates flight was forced to abandon its scheduled landing yesterday, as Cyclone Phet continued to beat down on the Pakistani port city. Several of the lower-lying areas were flooded and half of the city remained without power yesterday.

Emirates Business contacted the airline to confirm that Emirates flight EK606, which was headed from Dubai to Karachi, was forced to return to the emirate in the wake of unsuccessful attempts to land due to violent weather conditions. According to the spokesperson, all passengers were being taken care of by the airline at Dubai International Airport.

The carrier added that passenger safety and crew safety was the airline’s peak concern at the moment. As of yesterday, the spokesperson said that the flight originally departed Dubai at 10 in the morning, but will be rescheduled to leave again at 8:30 pm provided weather conditions improve.

Cyclone Phet has battered the region since it began in Oman over the weekend. So far it has devastated over 40 villages in Gwadar. Sindh has felt the impact as well with a large portion of its interior being washed away by the heavy rains. Since last night, however, the cyclone was downgraded back to a category two storm since making landfall in Karachi.

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