Damaged Washington Monument to stay closed

by Alister POOLE on September 27, 2011

The Washington Monument will remain closed indefinitely to all visitors, as engineers continue assessing the damage done to the obelisk that was caused by August’s US east coast earthquake.

The US’ National Park Service said that numerous cracks have been found in the landmark, which is among the most iconic in the US capital. It was added that the 169m monument is still structurally sound and that experts will now start checking what needs to be mended to make sure that the obelisk is safe before members of the general public are allowed back in.

Bob Vogel, the National Park Service’s superintendent, confirmed that the monument is still structurally sound and isn’t going anywhere. He then added that it is widely hoped a repairs table can be announced next month.

Officials have made public exclusive CCTV images that show tourists fearing for their lives as they seek cover from the 5.8-magnitude earthquake that shook the monument’s famous observation deck close to its summit. Originally, the stone structure, which is officially the world’s tallest, was erected to honour the USA’s first president, George Washington, 227 years ago.

In addition to Washington DC, the 23 August tremor shook up other east coast cities such as New York and Boston. Thankfully, no deaths or serious injuries were caused.

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