Details of Disney California fight man revealed

by Tiffany Millar on February 21, 2012

A man was apprehended over the weekend after he allegedly attacked workers right in front of a Disney California Tower of Terror ride.
As revealed in a YouTube video that allegedly shows the encounter, the male is seen flailing his arms at a security guard while struggling to stay on his feet directly outside the ride. An additional employee, donning the Tower of Terror uniform bellhops wear, can be seen demanding that those gathered round “back up.”

In an attempt to get the suspect to curb his bad behaviour, a female is heard shouting to the man that he is in Disneyland and that there are children present. The video has been posted on the world’s most popular clip sharing site with the caption “We had a weird day at Disneyland…Fiiiiight!!!”

Anaheim Police responded to a call to head to the theme park at around 1530 on Saturday and found patrons holding the male down on the ground, as reported by a local press agency. A day later, the suspect could be identified as Glenn Horlacher, aged 53. He has been arrested on battery and assault charges but was released from a local jail later on Saturday night.

For the minor injuries he sustained, the mentioned security guard was treated in hospital – as confirmed by a statement that was released by Disney California yesterday. Any guests that came to the guard’s aid were thanked and apologies were made to anyone that was distressed or inconvenienced by the incident.

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