Direct Line Offers Peace of Mind to Travelers

by Ella FAIRCHILD on December 23, 2009

The airline industry has suffered huge losses over the last few years as the struggling global economy has kept many people from traveling as they normally would.  The outbreak of the swine flu virus was also damaging the industry, leaving many would be travelers staying home instead of risking being infected with the virus.  This has led to more than sixty airlines going under over the last two years, which is an astonishing amount considering the success they were enjoying prior to the global downturn.  In some cases travelers have been left holding the bag so to speak as the airlines went under just before or even during their travel, leaving them stranded and stuck paying the cost of a ticket that they never got to use.

Flyglobespan recently stranded thousands after going under and it is though that this will continue to be a problem as long as the economy is bad.  Airlines can also expect to face tougher regulations about carbon emissions after the United Nations summit on climate change made air travel one of the focal points of the meetings.  This could lead to even more airlines going bust and even more passengers stranded and left wondering how they are going to get home.  This has given Direct Line an advantage in the travel insurance market as it is one of the only travel insurers to add an airline failure clause to the coverage.  This will protect people against the possibility of an airline going under while they are traveling.

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