Donald Trump opens new controversial Scottish golf course

by Emily DUNBAR on July 12, 2012

American businessman Donald Trump has finally opened his new Scottish golf course.

The course has been completed despite opposition from the majority of local residents, wind farm manufacturers, and environmentalists.  Almost seven years after he purchased the Aberdeenshire property, the New York-based businessman finally saw his project come to fruition and labelled Scotland as being the home of golf. He then went on to say that he hopes that the world’s greatest golf course has now been opened.

Trump and his kids teed off alongside ex-Ryder Cup captain and Scot Colin Montgomerie, who told journalists of feeling honoured to be able to play the first-ever round on the course. Montgomerie also explained that he felt great pride to be a Scottish professional golfer on days such as these and would be telling his contemporaries about how wonderful the new site is.

The construction of Trump’s International Golf Links, located in Aberdeenshire, has faced criticism on a number of occasions, with environmental campaigners voicing their opposition to the course being built on protected sand dunes. Remarkably, even Trump himself has made complaints, although they were mostly related to an offshore windfarm that was meant to be built near the site.

Donald Trump Junior, the business tycoon’s son, has rushed to the defence of the golf course, insisting that every independent agency known to man has monitored the site and has given it a glowing report.

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