Drunken behavior; BA staff face accusations

by Tiffany Millar on February 11, 2013

British Airways has had to launch its own investigation after it received complaints from passengers regarding the alcohol-driven behaviour of cabin crew members on board a recent flight to Washington DC.

According to reports, a band of flight attendants, who were off-duty, were seeing heavily drinking and causing a disturbance to other passengers. Apparently, they ran up and down the aisles, fell over, shouted and screamed “like spoiled brats” before rowing with on-duty staff after being refused more alcohol.

A passenger that was on the plane told The Sun that the attendants were incredibly unprofessional. The incident occurred on January 26 and in a premium class cabin of the aircraft, which was travelling to the American capital.

A spokesman representing British Airways offered an apology to fliers that were on board the plane and added that full investigations are taking place with appropriate disciplinary procedures to be implemented if any signs of wrong-doing pop up.

The incident comes only a matter of weeks since an off-duty BA pilot allegedly groped a female passenger on a flight to Tokyo. Reports emerged that the man was drinking throughout his flight and later drunkenly collapsed in a heap in front of passengers. Not surprisingly, the airline has since suspended him.

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