East Midlands Airport starts using hologram assistant

by Alister POOLE on October 20, 2011

East Midlands Airport has started using a hologram to advise passengers of security processes

A female virtual assistant will tell all travellers about important current liquid restrictions, as well as the screening process. Heather Hodson, a senior terminal services assistant, is the holographic projection that comes as part of a £200,000 refurbishment of East Midlands Airport’s security area.

A spokesperson said at a press conference that the technology was previously employed by performers such as the Black Eyed Peas and the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Brad Miller, East Midlands Airport’s managing director, said that way the security search area was being used was looked at and redesigns to the existing area were made in an attempt to ease the passenger journey, make sure that improved passenger flows are maintained, and that the area is better utilised on the whole.

Hodson added that organisers are mindful that passengers aren’t always aware of current security requirements, which is why steps were made to help prepare better prepare passengers. It was concluded that the new hologram attracts attention and provides passengers with simple, important formative messages it is hoped will take East Midlands Airport’s passengers a step closer towards having a completely hassle-free journey without unnecessary delays.

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