Easter strike possible at Spanish airports

by Tiffany Millar on March 1, 2011

Spanish airports could close down over the busy Easter holidays as the country’s workers’ unions threaten to strike. After negotiations with the government on the part privatisation of the AENA civil aviation agency broke down, three unions attended a rally over the weekend.

Airports all over the country could be affected if the strikes take place, with airport employees, including fire fighters and baggage handlers, considering action between April 22 and 25. The strikes may even last until Spain’s general elections on May 22, according to some reports.

Last December, 400,000 travellers were left stranded at Spanish airports and the government issued a ‘state of alarm’ when workers downed tools with no warning. Striking employees were threatened with prison and the military were brought in to supervise the deserted control towers.

Airport staff also threatened to strike last year at a key time for Spanish tourism in July and August. The effort was thwarted, however, when business owners slammed the plans.

Spain’s tourism industry has suffered greatly from the global recession, with many British holidaymakers opting for cheaper trips away in the UK. It is thought that the Easter holidays could be a chance for the country to make back some of its lost revenue, as Brits look to make the most of the two bank holidays that will be given for the royal wedding.

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Trevor March 9, 2011 at 3:37 pm

Whilst I’m sure we all feel for the Spanish Airport workers who seem to have a genuine greivence. Surely there must be a way to sort this out without disrupting thousands of Holiday makers and business trips resulting in misery for all concerned. The cost to the Spanish economy could be huge amounting to many hundreds and thousands of Euro’s.

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