Edinburgh Airport fence hole causes evacuation

by William ASTON on June 30, 2011


Edinburgh Airport had to be evacuated and hundreds of fliers had their travel plans delayed upon a hole being discovered in the perimeter fence on Tuesday evening.

Its terminal was evacuated and at least 11 planes remained on the tarmac on for about two hours. Passengers that were waiting to board planes were forced into being reprocessed through security. Thankfully, flights have finally returned to normal.

Lothian and Borders Police explained that an investigation is now under way following what was an apparent breach of a security fence. A spokesperson said that police responded around 22:00 GMT and a series of flights were disrupted while security checks were run. The airports is now backed up and running, it was concluded.

Edinburgh Airport’s own spokesman, Gordon Robertson, said how the incident occurred at what is a famously fairly busy time of the evening. He said that it took around two hours to completely reprocess passengers and pass them through security, before adding that anyone who was meant to take off or land eventually did.

Passenger Anna Litwinczuk expressed her dismay at being kept on a plane that had flown from Krakow and was stationary on the runway for over an hour after it had originally landed. Once my plane arrived, the cabin crew informed us on how we weren’t able to get out due to some security reasons, she said.

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