Edinburgh tourist slogan slammed: “Incrediburgh” branded appalling

by Alister POOLE on October 18, 2012

A plan to promote tourism to Edinburgh by calling the Scottish capital “Incrediburgh” has been criticised by local politicians.

Set to be used as a vital part of a newly co-ordinated campaign, which is reportedly worth over £300,000, the phrase intends to publicise the Scottish capital’s charms. Although it was scheduled to run just in time for Christmas, the campaign has already faced opposition before it has had the chance to get off its feet.

Jenny Dawe, a leader of the city council, has been particularly critical while also questioning the need for any slogan at all. Specifically, she remarked that the ideas put forward so far  “are absolutely appalling,” and went on to add that silly slogans aren’t required to market Edinburgh and also never sound like they are worth using.

Marketing Edinburgh’s Lucy Bird was among those that has defended the campaign, which will feature television coverage.  Bird highlighted how business partners around the city have shown their excitement for the current plans on a regular basis.

Scotland on Sunday, a best-selling newspaper, has reported how other slogans are currently being considered with “Welfedinburgh” and “Painthetownedinburgh” among the main contenders. Despite these issues, the campaign still looks set to begin by the close of this year, although experts have tipped that a different slogan will no doubt be chosen instead.

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