Egyptian uprisings monitored by travel groups

by Tiffany Millar on January 28, 2011

Holidays to Egypt could be disrupted by the ongoing uprisings. Travel agencies and tour operators are watching closely as the political tension in the popular holiday destination mounts.

Despite advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) stating that travelling to Egypt remains safe, companies and holidaymakers are ready to cancel trips should the situation be otherwise.

British holidaymakers have been warned by the FCO to avoid demonstrations in Egypt as violent protests entered a third day with hundreds of people being arrested. To be on the safe side, excursions from the Red Sea to Cairo where cancelled by Thomas Cook UK & Ireland.

The company announced that it is monitoring the situation closely and listening to FCO advice. It also added that most of their tour operations in the region are in Sharm el Sheikh, which is many hours away from Cairo. They asserted that their top concern was the health and safety of clients and staff.

The FCO reiterated that there are no travel restrictions in place for Egypt, but that there have indeed been a number of violent demonstrations in Cairo and other locations across Egypt over the past week. Travellers are reminded to avoid political gatherings and demonstrations and to heed the advice and instruction of the local security authorities

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Lisa Robinson January 28, 2011 at 4:55 pm

I am very much winderiung what is to happen, as we are due to go down the Nile (from Luxor to Aswan) on Monday next, 31st Jan….I also wonder what, if any, form of compensation there may be if the holiday proceeds but in a reduced way - to avoid any trouble…this could mean not going to places which we expected to go to (eg Aswan). This would be such a shame personally and any advice re this situation would be gratefully received.

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