Eight MPs dead after Somali hotel bombing

by William ASTON on August 25, 2010

At least eight of Somalia’s MPs are dead after a gunman and suicide bomber with alleged links to al-Qa’eda laid siege to a hotel in Mogadishu. Victims that were able to escape said that at least 16 bodies were lying on the ground.

The raid occurred mid-morning targeting a meeting of the MPs in Somalia’s capital nearby the presidential palace. Disguised as government soldiers, two men entered the Muna Hotel killing the guard on duty and spraying gunfire into the lobby. After the barrage of bullets, one of the men detonated a suicide device.

According to a Somali police officer, two armed men entered the hotel in an apparent suicide attack. At least 16 people have been identified as deceased and the police are still conducting investigations. At present, the officer said that one attacker is continuing to resist arrest. The other was killed when the blast went off.

Currently, no radical groups have come forward to claim responsibility, however authorities believe it is the work of a Somali insurgent group with ties to al-Qa’eda. The most prominent group, al-Shabaab, had issued a warning on Monday saying a massive war was planned against the invaders of Somalia. Officials believe that this was a reference to the African Union peacekeeping mission that is ongoing in the country.  

Four other ministers were killed last December when a suicide bomber from the same group hit a Mogadishu hotel during a graduation ceremony. Currently, the country is largely controlled by radical groups that have known links to al-Qa’eda.

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