Element Announces Addition of Electric Charging Stations

by William ASTON on December 4, 2009

Businesses and industries around the world are looking for ways to get greener as people become increasingly more concerned with issues of the environment.  Not only are green practices the correct thing to do for the environment but studies have shown that green businesses are generally more profitable and produce far less waste.  The hotel industry has been struggling due to the economy so many chains are searching for new and innovative ways to cut costs.  Some have turned to environmental audits to look for ways that they can get greener and cut costs, while others have taking measures like installing low flow toilets, or using more efficient light bulbs, and water fixtures.  Element Hotel hopes to take the next logical step in appealing to green consumers by adding electric car refueling stations at their hotels.

The announcement that Element would add car charging stations to all of its properties by the end of 2009 came as a shock to some in the industry, as it marks the first time that such an offering has been made by a major hospitality brand.  The plan came after a successful test at Element Lexington where hotel guests and locals alike gave rave reviews to the idea.  Not only can hotel guests use the station but local drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles loved the convenience of another charging station in their town.

Element has committed itself to being an industry leader in green technology and hopes that this most recent announcement will put them well ahead of the competition.

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