Element Hotels for do-it-yourself foodies

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on July 31, 2009

Element Hotels, designed for longer stays, come complete with multi-purpose, modular furniture, flat-screen televisions and fully equipped ENERGY-STAR appliances. They are not only aesthetically appealing, but are also about as eco-friendly as anyone can get.

Yet, it’s their flagship culinary program in partnership with Whole Foods that makes a stay at Element Lexington truly value-added, especially for the health conscious. Along with the hotel’s many delicious amenities, Element Lexington offers Whole Foods cooking demonstrations for its guests right on the premises.

Cooking classes will take place twice a month, and feature five Whole Foods fresh ingredients, so guests will be able to easily recreate these meals back in their rooms. After the cooking class is over, attendees then have the opportunity to purchase a “Meal-in-a-Bag” (for $15.00 or less for two servings) to cook on their own, making both shopping and cooking a breeze.

In keeping with all things organic, Element Lexington has also planted a vegetable garden on the property which boasts in-season delights such as Roma tomatoes, basil, cantaloupe and cucumbers. Produce and herbs from the garden will be used for breakfast menu items and the evening reception along with the weekly outdoor summer BBQ featuring organic meats, garden burgers and soy hotdogs.

Clearly the culinary landscape for travellers is forever changing and evolving, with more seeking healthier, budget-friendly accommodations that allow for independence along with a sound commitment to the environment. It’s nice to see the hotel industry responding.

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